Raindrops and Rainbows

View as we drove away from
radiation treatment

As Eli and I were driving home from the couple of appointments he had today, we were greeted by pouring rain, pounding hail, thundering lightning, glowing sunshine, and a stunning rainbow. As I pondered the visits with doctors and staff, I realized the weather was a perfect metaphor for the last weeks, months and years since cancer entered our life.

On our way home

Eli’s doctor expressed surprise at how well Eli has responded to the chemo. Seeing how the doctor, when giving his prognosis over a month ago, said that Eli had weeks, or a month or two left, but who knows, Eli might surprise us. Well, we like this kind of surprise.

Right before radiation–we love the people at Huntsman Cancer radiation department

Amidst the tumult of of death’s doorstep, we got a miracle–more time, more Eli. To celebrate, Eli’s chest drain will be removed tomorrow, then next week we’ll go to Disneyland. I don’t know how long this positive trend will last, but I’ll take whatever God will give us.

Eli, at clinic, describing how he ate a turkey leg at the Renaissance Faire. He decided to walk to clinic instead of use his wheelchair.

4 thoughts on “Raindrops and Rainbows

  1. Alain in France

    I’m so happy to read these positive news.
    One message lastly was so scary and depressing.
    I wish that this will last a long time… maybe a very long time? miracle cures happen, who knows if this clinical trial might not turn out having late but effective consequences?
    I have no idea, I’m no doctor, but I’m so glad that life is giving such a reprieve to the courageous, wonderful young lad he is. He deserves this and more. His loving family too. Fingers crossed.

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