The Quest

A week after deciding to go to Disneyland, we were there. We drove out to my sister’s house and spent a day trying to rest up. Some of us were more successful than others.

The Big Day

Bright and early, we showed up at the front gates after convincing Disneyland’s security that the emesis bag I had brought was indeed medically necessary. 🙄 Of all the things in my bag, that was the last thing I thought they would give me grief about. We were there from the time it opened until it closed and had many adventures to add to our stockpile of memories.


Eli’s prized acquisition from the trip was his custom built lightsaber. Thanks to a friend and a stranger, Eli had enough spending money for the ultimate Star Wars weapon.

One thought on “The Quest

  1. lloyd and Rochelle augustine

    Super great pictures! Thanks so much Elaine! We all appreciate your updates and seeing you all–even though it is frequently just pictures! Glad you are able to take the trips and enjoy yourselves every once in a while!

    The pool is closed or I would invite you over!!!

    Hope things are going well for Valerie’s birthday!!!

    Love you all,


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