Super Cars and Super People

Since the very beginning of this journey, the thing that has made it bearable and even beautiful has been the support from our community, near and far. Cancer is a terrible disease, but it has brought about the best in everyone around us. Past grievances just faded away and we have been surrounded by love. I would never wish the ravages of cancer on my enemies, but if one must be afflicted by it, I would hope that they are surrounded by friends as we have been.

We made new friends last week when our friend Kyle talked to his friend Ryan, who put the word out to his community of super car owners that Eli needed something to smile about.

Ryan and Eli
James and Eli
Eli and me (maybe I was the one who needed something to smile about)
Valerie and the Bugatti
Noah, Peter, Henry and the Tesla
Neighbors, friends, and family

Over a hundred super cars paraded past our house in an amazing display of solidarity and support for Eli. It is truly humbling how strangers from the community just showed up to do something good. Thank you!

How is Eli doing?

Eli’s health seems to be stable since his lung drain was placed. He had radiation to a few areas to reduce pain and fluid buildup. In the meantime, we’ve had family visiting from out of town, spending time with us and making sure meals are made and dishes are done. We’ve managed to throw in a few activities.

Eli with cousin Lauren at Ashton Gardens
Eli with a surprise shipment from the friends we made in Houston–how did they get to know us so well in such a short time?
Last radiation treatment, maybe ever?

Mostly, though, Eli spends a lot of time sleeping. I’ve managed to get his nausea and pain under control, but I can’t seem to cure fatigue. The cancer is just draining the life out of him. It’s scary and sad. Eli likes to sleep downstairs in the basement, so I bring him meds and drain his chest from time to time throughout the day and night. He is very distraught when he asks me what time it is and it’s almost lunch time before he manages to come upstairs and eat. I wanted it to be the meds, but I’ve been transitioning him off meds that make him tired, but it’s still not enough. I just want to cry.

Before his oxygen saturation normalized

On the up side, his vitals are improving and he doesn’t need oxygen supplementation much anymore. His blood pressure is improving and his labwork looks pretty good. So how can he be dying? I don’t know, but I can see it.

5 thoughts on “Super Cars and Super People

  1. Debbie Fredrickson

    Thank you Elaine for all you have done blogging this journey. We have prayed ,wept,cried and cheered for you. I love you❤️ I know this is one of the hardest journeys in life. You are stronger than you know. Aunt Deb

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  2. Jaci

    Sending lots of love to you and your family. I was just thinking yesterday about all the times we’ve managed to connect over the years. It’s been a long time since our last visit, but I sure think of you all often. Sending virtual hugs to you!

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  3. lloyd and Rochelle augustine

    Thanks so much for the update, Elaine! We are all praying and crying with you, Adam, and the rest of the family! I can’t imagine how difficult it is to see a child kind of melt away!

    If some of you don’t know, Eli was asked by his stake president to bear his testimony last Sunday in Stake Conference! He did an outstanding job. The president commented about his spirit and depth of testimony. Makes a person proud that one so young could be so in tune with the “spirit”! Some of us are still working on it!

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