#1 Nerf Gun War

I wrote this post in October 2020 after September’s round of radiation. I never managed to publish it, but no time like the present.

This is one of Eli’s wishes that I’m surprised didn’t happen sooner. With a busy schedule and a failed attempt or two to schedule a battle with Nerf guns, this feat was accomplished by our radiation oncology team at Huntsman Cancer Hospital.

It all started when Eli talked with the team about what he wanted in the Friday Prize Day box and ended on his last day of radiation. We got it on video (I’m the one in the purple shirt).

The Team

The Video

Last Radiation Treatment (for now)

2 thoughts on “#1 Nerf Gun War

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  2. lloyd and Rochelle augustine

    The video was tremendous!!!! I couldn’t believe the hospital would allow such chaos!!! I laughed and laughed! So glad everything hasn’t been gloom and doom–even though this was from a year ago!

    Such fun!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Thanks also for the updates! I do appreciate knowing what is going on–and all you all are dealing with!

    Love and prayers,

    Mom/Gm A

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