The Plan

When life hands you bacon,
make bacon bandaids.

“Life before death”

Eli was discharged from the hospital Friday with normal breathing. The breathing treatment in the Emergency department had gotten things back to “normal”, whatever that really is for him.

“Strength before weakness”

While Eli wanted surgery, that was never a good option. He has a radiation planning session this afternoon (actual radiation is next week) and a cycle of chemo starting tomorrow. Eli’s doctor doesn’t think following the chemo with Regorafenib is worth the added toxicity, so we hope the chemo and radiation will do enough to make the Car T trial worth it.

Journey before destination”

We have plans for a road trip to revisit some of Eli’s favorite places: digging on the beach, kneeboarding behind Grandpa’s boat, swimming in Aunt May May’s pool. Then we head to Texas, hoping against hope, that the infusion of T cells will buy us more time before the end.

Eli can live without cancer, but this cancer can’t live without Eli. Through Christ, Eli will always win this war, but I won’t let cancer kill him without a fight.

Quotes from The Stormlight Archive, by Brandon Sanderson, audiobook series listened to by Eli throughout treatment.

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