Golden Birthday Week

Unfortunately, I’m writing this post while in the emergency department with Eli while he struggles to breathe.

On Tuesday, we began celebrating his (then) upcoming 13th birthday by taking a group of his friends and siblings to a fun center. My friend Amy did they scheduling and planning, including designing and printing the Dungeons & Dragons themed birthday invitations.

Amy also arranged for her friend Amy to make him a cake. It was awesome.

Truly Epic

Today, the 13th, his actual birthday, I made plans for indoor skydiving as a surprise. Another friend had given us a gift card previously and this was a perfect day to do it. We blind folded him until we got to #IFlyUtah, then we showed him where we were. He was surprised.

Afterwards, we got dinner from Panda and ate at a park where there was a great climbing tree.

On the drive home, he started having a progressively difficult time breathing. He told me when we got home and after observing him for a little while, I contacted the on call oncologist and brought him to the hospital. He wants an emergency surgery to remove the tumor in his 9th rib, since that seems to be the location causing him trouble (but that isn’t going to happen). Radiation to the larger areas is already scheduled for planning on Monday, so a surgery doesn’t make sense. His cancer has continued to grow noticeably in the last week.

A cycle of chemo is on our agenda, too. They’re doing a CT to figure out what’s going on with his lungs.

Update: the CT ruled out a blood clot and confirmed increased tumor growth. We stayed the night and will discuss next steps with doctors today.

Happy birthday, Eli–13 on the 13th.

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