Eli’s Fun Fabulous Fantastic Florida Excursion and Snorkeling Day #5

Sunday was our day to relax. Our plan was to do a dinner/ riverboat cruise in the evening, but the rest of the day was open to recharge from the past few days of activities. Eli decided extra time in the pool was what he needed.

Ella and Eli as seen from our room’s balcony

When we went out before lunch to get ourselves brunch (we missed breakfast), the sky was dumping rain into the city. The roads were semi flooded and we got soaked just ordering food at the drive through (well, I did anyway, since I was driving and had to roll down my window to order).

Later in the afternoon, we tuned into our congregation whose services were being streamed (one benefit that has emerged from all this Covid craziness). I had been particularly looking forward to the musical number I had arranged, a clarinet quartet. It was beautiful.

We then received news that, due to flooding, our riverboat cruise was cancelled. 🙄 We made a last minute decision at that point to get accommodations closer to our snorkeling excursion, scheduled for Monday, so we wouldn’t have to drive ao far in the morning. So we packed up and picked up dinner at a Venezuelan restaurant, also recommended by Eli’s doctor, on our way to Key Largo.

Chicken empanada
Cheese empanada
Defective fork (we were struggling to get sufficient utensils and the various restaurants seemed to be reluctant to part with theirs, even though our food was ordered to go. Having one of the few forks relinquished to our possession being defective was almost more than I could stand.
Our dessert exploded all over Ella’s lap, poor girl.

Sadly, the weather forecast in the Keys was not looking promising for Monday. Would yet another excursion be cancelled? Would we ever get to snorkel? To be continued…

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