Eli’s Fun Fabulous Fantastic Florida Excursion and Snorkeling Day #2

Florida is wet. Very, very wet. It reminds me of Panama, sudden downpours mixed with sunshine. Kinda like my life the last couple years, actually. But I digress.

We started the day checking out of the hotel, since the plan, after spending the day at Universal Studios, was to drive back south to our next hotel in Fort Lauderdale. My sister Mayreen, with whom we are traveling, and the scheduling mastermind behind this trip, had previously contacted Universal Studios and received a discount code for our group (yes, she played the cancer card). So our first stop after parking was guest services to use the code to buy our tickets (5 total).

The woman at the counter was having trouble processing the order, so she tried a different computer. When that didn’t work, she printed out tickets for us, without charging us, and gave us a gift card for 5 free snacks. It was an incredible surprise for which I’m grateful. Many of you, and other kind people, have donated to help make Eli’s list of things he wants to do a reality. I just want to thank you, because every little bit, and big bit, has made a difference.

We ended up renting a wheelchair for Eli, since he finished radiation on his foot a couple weeks ago (I have a blog post written and almost ready to publish on that, but I still need to get the video embedded, so more to come), so his foot is still healing and I figured it would help. It did. Anyway, that’s why most pictures I have of him today, he is sitting in a wheelchair.

One of the more special moments was when we went to Olivander’s to get Eli a wand:


Later in the afternoon, while on the Jurassic Park boat ride, it started to rain, then pour. We were soaked by the end of the ride. We were trying to get to the next ride in the downpour, but eventually had to seek shelter at King’s Cross station:

Hard to breathe in a wet mask

We finally got to ride Hagrid’s after the rain let up a bit.

About to conquer Eli’s fear of heights

We ended the day by driving down to Ft. Lauderdale, where most of our other excursions are planned. Next up: Snorkeling. Can I just add that Florida truckers and some drivers are crazy?

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