Eli’s Fun Fabulous Fantastic Florida Excursion and Snorkeling Day #1

We spent the day flying across the country, complete with Eli’s duct tape and paracord (who knows when you need to escape in a pinch). In fact, we were on the verge of whipping out the adventuring supplies when we had to evacuate the rental car facility. After the suspicious activity was dealt with, we were finally able to escape in the getaway car we rented.

When our partners in crime arrived, we picked them up and made a hasty departure to enjoy Cuban food at a local restaurant recommended by Eli’s doctor (two of his doctors previously lived in Miami and went over our itinerary with us to make sure we didn’t plan anything too crazy).

The best part of the day was when Eli and his sister Ella decided to play in the rain. Rain is a novelty to them.

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