Wishes and things to do

While waiting for test results to guide our treatment decision making, we have been making progress on Eli’s list of things he wants to do. Basically it’s his bucket list, which, as it so happens, I had the foresight to start work on many months ago, since, it appears, foresight as to where this journey was headed, is one of my superpowers (or maybe I had done enough research to have a pretty good guess as to what the typical outcome is for his disease). I will talk more about his list in another post.

Eli’s list of things he wants to do (Click on the list for the ongoing, updated version to see his progress)

Meanwhile, on the Make-A-Wish front, Eli’s inventor’s workshop will be installed next week. We’ve had lots of help prepping the ground for its placement from our friends, neighbors, and members of our church congregation. Our hearts have been full of gratitude these past weeks, months, and years for the continual love and care we have received from family, friends, neighbors, and congregation while fighting this cancer. Here are a few pictures from the workshop prep:

This corner of the yard has always been weeds and dirt. Most recently, Eli and his friend had been digging a hole for a swimming pool. Sadly, he had to fill the hole back in to make space for the workshop. The hole, mostly filled in, was in the area on the right.
First, all the weeds, toys, tools, and trash from years of the children’s play, were removed from the area.
Next, a tiller was used to break up the dirt to make it easier to level the area.
After tilling and some leveling of the area, the younger half of the group stamped across to pack it down somewhat.
More stamping and packing
Finally, the following week, a smaller group returned for measuring and final leveling. The rest is up to Make-A-Wish.

*Yes, the fence is mostly missing along that side of the yard. We live in a very windy area and the panels get blown down and posts are broken. It does make it easier to see the view.

These missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made me smile. They removed the weeds from my front planter, making it possible for me to make progress with my plans for that area.

Nothing like a blank slate to start my next project.

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