Annoying Head VI

Coming out of anesthesia

Even though there is no intent to cure, there are still treatment options that may help keep the cancer at bay or slow progression. In order to determine what options may help, Eli’s arm tumor is being sent for genetic testing. It will probably have the same genetic makeup as his original tumors, Annoying Head I, II, III, IV, & V, but there is the possibility for slight differences that might change which drugs have the potential to help.

So, we did surgery today and the arm tumor, Annoying Head VI, was removed in its entirety. The thigh tumor, Annoying head VII, was rather small and difficult to pinpoint, so although the surgeon attempted to remove it, it may still be in his leg.

Ready to leave
Eli with one of the nurses who remembers Eli from his bell ringing and prior inpatient treatments.

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