“What I Want to Do”

Eli’s bucket list

Progress has been made on the list of things Eli wants to do as well as on his workshop, courtesy of Make-A-Wish. While they are providing the structure and many of the accoutrements Eli wants on the inside, they do have a budget, so not everything he wants will be included.

Ground is mostly level
Concrete is ready
Workshop build begins
More progress
Hard to wait
Done for the day
Ready to paint

Some of the things he wants that aren’t included in the workshop wish are: a 3D printer, climate control (AC/heating), electricity, lighting, etc. He also wants a chair that would cause them to go over budget. Fortunately, we have had very generous donations of cash and gifts to help with his list, although not enough for everything.

3D printer: Our neighbors pooled resources and gave Eli the gift of a 3D printer. He’s been so excited about it.

Eli with his new 3D printer

For climate control and electricity to power it, as well as any lighting we install, we need to put a small solar power system in. It seemed like the best option. Eli can run an extension cord to the workshop for occasional electrical needs, but for climate control and lighting, something more permanent would be best. We are currently researching options.

Solar power for the workshop (currently looking for reliable and inexpensive options)

For climate control, I originally was thinking of something like this:

Then I thought something like this would be more cost effective:

Does the workshop really need climb control? Yes. I had hoped that having a couple windows would be sufficient for some ventilation, but it is just too hot to remain in there for extended periods of time. Trying to figure out power, lighting, and heating/cooling will be an interesting endeavor, but well worth it so Eli can be comfortable working on his inventions any time of year.

Lastly, this is the chair he wants (or something like it):

I really hope that whatever treatment we end up choosing will give him more quality time with us and time to work on his inventions. We are grateful for organizations like Make-A-Wish and generous neighbors and friends who have been helping create memories with Eli for us to enjoy. He says he doesn’t deserve it. Maybe none of us really deserves to realize our dreams, but I don’t see it as something to deserve or not, just something positive to focus on while enjoying the fleeting pleasure Eli experiences that I can look back on in the unknown future that lays ahead.

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