Sand Forts

Years ago, when Eli was four years old, I had a sewing client who needed a dress altered for her niece. Her niece had recently died from brain cancer and the white dress they wished to bury her in was too big. I remember feeling so sad for the family who had to bury their young daughter. In order to size the dress properly, I used Eli and the neighbor girl as models. I wrote about the experience here:

When Eli was first diagnosed with cancer, I thought of this girl’s mother, and what she must have felt when her daughter was first diagnosed. Now, I think of this girl’s mother, and know how she must have felt when the doctors told her that there were no curative treatment options for her daughter.

Just like Eli’s efforts to build a sand fort that can withstand the ocean tide…

All the chemotherapy drugs, surgery and radiation wasn’t enough to cure his cancer.

And now, we are told, the best thing to do is to focus on quality of life for Eli during this last 2-12 months of his mortal existence.

How do you tell your kid that doctors say it’s time to give up the fight? That death is going to happen sooner rather than later?

And how amazing is that kid whem he’s the one comforting you, comforting his siblings?

So now we get to choose hope. We get to hope for a postponement of the final reckoning. Hope for fitting as much life into whatever time is left. Hope in Christ, that He’ll make good on His word. And hope that the pain of yesterday, the pain of today, and the pain of tomorrow will dissipate and be overshadowed by the joy and happiness that Eli brings to our family every day.

7 thoughts on “Sand Forts

  1. Sharon Pacheco

    I have no wors, my heart hurts for you, I will always be grateful for the last 5 weeks of Brandy’s life for getting to be with her every moment. For her not being taken instantly. But my heart still hurts for you!


  2. sheila moran

    I am so very sorry. I still have a photo of Eli in my office holding the Athenex flag. I will forever remember one of the bravest boys on our planet. Keeping you all in my prayers.

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  3. Mary

    I’m so sorry for your family having to go through this experience. My heart aches for you all. My brother died of terminal brain cancer when he was 17 year old after fighting it for 14 months. I remember him telling me at one point that when he was in his most sad and darkest moments he literally felt the Saviour near, comforting him. Please know that unseen hands are there for your son and for your family. It is such a hard road to walk and one that nobody would wish on any of you. I will keep your family in my prayers.


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