Dear Eli,

I think you would have enjoyed our efforts to remember you on Halloween. We set up a skeleton, with glow sticks and a candy bowl, at your gravesite so people could trick-or-treat there. That evening, we went to trick-or-treat and saw another group there taking pictures and trick-or-treating. We exchanged a few words as they left. One boy told me there was candy with the skeleton and seemed very happy about it.

Trick-or-treaters at Eli’s gravesite

Later, when we brought the skeleton back home, we discovered a note from that group. They were very pleased to be able to be part of your Halloween festivities. Your friend Lily also came to check it out.

Eli’s family
Sign we posted next to the skeleton

3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Bekah Morrill

    Thank you for doing this! Our kids had fun remembering Eli by “trick-or-treating” at his grave. When they heard about it they all commented about how much Eli would love the idea of a skeleton “handing out” candy in the cemetery.

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  2. Juleen Clift

    Thanks for continuing to share Eli with us. So grateful for the loving kindness of so many people. It brings comfort to me to know so many continue to show their love for Eli and your family.

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