Time for another post

Eli is pretty amazing. His three weeks of daily radiation began on Monday. He’s really had a great attitude about it. He had a few hard days in August, but once he arranged for regular VR play time while at Primary Children’s for clinic visits, he’s been much happier.

Before one of his trips up to SLC for radiation, Eli watched a couple toddlers so my friend, her husband, and her sister could go jogging. Later, after we came home, he saw one of our neighbors working in her yard, so he went over to help her weed it. I should have taken a picture.

Radiation is painless and the side effects usually take time to manifest themselves, so Eli generally has lots of energy. He’s doing really well right now and seems happy most of the time. We are asked frequently how he is doing, so I hope this answers the question.

Eli’s halfway through his second cycle of meds. We use his thigh tumor to assess its efficacy. It shrunk during the first cycle of meds, but seemed to grow during the last week in the cycle where he is off the meds. Each cycle he takes the medication daily for three weeks, then takes a break for a week. This repeats as long as it continues to work. The thigh tumor seems to be shrinking again and we are now at a 100% dose, so we’ll see how it goes. I will be adding a supplement to the mix during week 4 of this cycle, assuming the doctors approve it. I hope to increase the length of time this medication works for Eli.

In the meantime, we’re making more plans to work on Eli’s wish list.

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