Second Opinion & Clinical Trials

After a recent conversation with our team at Primary Children’s, they recommended getting a second opinion, so arrangements were made to meet with the doctors at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. That is what we are doing today, the last day of our visit with my sister Mayreen.

Other than confirming Eli’s prognosis and having the assurance that we are approaching his relapse correctly, I hope to gain more information about the clinical trials offered in LA, so we can have a plan in place when/if needed.

Always prepared for a long day at the clinic

After talking with the doctor there, it sounds like the proverbial nail in the coffin for this cancer is when it jumps from one place in the body to a completely different, unconnected place (like from Eli’s leg to his arm). Anyway, getting told your child will die is not a pleasant experience, no matter how often it happens. They do have many clinical trial options not available in SLC, so when our current treatment stops working, we may end up at CHLA.

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