Mysterious masses, part 2

Leaving the clinic

The basic conclusion at this point is we don’t know what it is. There are benign possibilities, so we are hoping for one of those. But we have a plan to figure it out.

The Plan:

First, move up the scans that were supposed to be the beginning of June. PET/CT is only available once a week, so that will be next week.

Second, MRI will be as soon as we can schedule it (this may take a bit, because they have to add a 4th area to the MRI since this mass is not near where we usually scan). I think Eli is working on a world record for longest time spent in an MRI. With an extra area to scan, I expect it to be pushing 4 hours. Delightful.

Third, depending on scan results, resect the must mass. Because the location is easy to access, we were told that we should tentatively plan on them wanting to remove the mass. This would give us a definitive answer to the mystery (maybe l need to call this mysteries and masses, M&M for short).

Lastly, I am hoping to have some kind of vacation, because I need it. Covid-19 will make that more difficult than it should be.

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