Mysterious masses

I have grown to dislike with a passion bumps and lumps that don’t belong on/in the body. It is getting really old. Whether it’s the swollen lymph node that started Eli’s journey, or his brother Noah’s dermoid cyst, I have had my fill.

Now there is a new mass in Eli’s right bicep. It was discovered Saturday night, May 16th, when Eli was trying to climb into his bunkbed, but slipped a little and bumped the mass against the railing. Sunday, it was swollen. Monday, the swelling had subsided, but the mass was still there.

Faint bruising circles the mass, which measures at 1 cm x 1.5 cm

We had it checked out by our pediatrician Monday afternoon. He referred us to our oncologist.

Tuesday, we got an appointment that afternoon with our oncologist, who doesn’t usually have clinic on Tuesdays, but, hey, Eli’s worth working into her schedule, so that’s what she did. Now we just wait to see what she says.

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