Happy Holidays!

Last year, we were still adjusting to the whole cancer thing during Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, I admit, all these holidays bring back memories from last year, starting with Halloween. It seems like I see everything through the lense of pre-cancer and post-cancer diagnosis.

The nice thing about this year, is we are back to making good memories. Halloween was not spent in the hospital. Thanksgiving week this time involved our three month post-treatment scans and…drum roll…they were clear of any sign of cancer!

PET/CT was a success, with no throwing up this time
We went to Frozen 2 between scan days–Elsa and Anna are Valerie and Ella in disguise
Noah missed out on a trip to the aquarium due to surgery recovery, so we did a quick trip so the boys could go (my sister took Tabitha and Elizabeth previously–thanks for the extra ticket Jennifer!)
An organization donated stockings and gifts for the kids in the clinic. Eli was one of the recipients.

Last week’s clinic visit mostly involved talking about how much the doctors, nurses, etc. like Eli. His response: “I don’t know why.” He is currently famous for his letter to Dr. Schneller’s boyfriend about Halloween candy and diabetes. That exchange of letters was priceless and makes me want to laugh just thinking about it.

One of the blessings Eli and I have enjoyed this last year is that of good health. We talked about it and I think we’ve each been sick twice (I had a cold and a mild stomach bug; Eli had a cold and a mild case of influenza A). It wasn’t something I specifically prayed for, but I feel like it has been one of God’s tender mercies in our life. I am very grateful.

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