The head/neck MRI showed the tumor behind/ below Eli’s eye is stable. This is good news. Our team discussed the findings and decided on two more cycles (6 weeks) of chemo, then we’ll do more scans. Basically, as long as what we’re doing is working, we’ll keep doing, unless other toxicities appear.

Thursday, we were at the clinic for day 1 of cycle 5. It was our long chemo day when he gets 3 chemos. Next week it’s two, then the week after we take a break because the one chemo he would normally get week three is the one that causes mucositis (mouth sores), and his body is just more susceptible to those.

We started working on videos where Eli explains what they do here at the clinic when we come. Hopefully we’ll start posting those soon.

This week we received the blood collection vials for the Car T trial at Texas Children’s hospital. I asked a friend who works at Huntsman Cancer Hospital to come draw blood so we could return it to Houston before the weekend. It was an adventure and Eli learned some of the benefits of using a port.

Eli insisted on collecting from his arm vein, which was rather more messy than he expected, especially since we had to collect 6 vials full, and we only had whatever was on hand to do it.

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