Success, and more Success

Eli’s port removal surgery went spectacles well. The actual surgery was only 11 minutes. They called me from the post op recovery area, and said that he was waking up but they weren’t sure how lucid he waa because he kept repeating himself. I talked to him and he kept saying how determined he was, which sounded pretty lucid to me.

1 hour 11 minutes after they took him back for surgery, they brought him back to me. Less than an hour later, he was ready to go home. In the meantime, I was busy coordinating the parade that Eli posted about. Since I didn’t know exactly when we would return, I had to post on Facebook and text family and friends (keeping everyone updated was really the most complicated, difficult part).

Overall, the parade went really well. Eli had suspicions thay something was going on the day before, but I just told him that people whose birthdays were coming up shouldn’t try to find out what’s going on (his birthday is May 13th).

Tuesday, May 5th, was Eli’s appointment with the surgeon because of the foot pain from the week before. Fortunately, the xrays showed no fractures, which means that the pain is just from overuse of a foot whose infrastructure has damage from radiation and surgery. So, basically, this is the new normal for Eli.

I have generally considered Dr. Groundland to be Eli’s favorite doctor, but when I mentioned this to Eli, he said that he loves all his doctors.

The good news from Tuesday’s visit is that Eli’s legs are currently growing symmetrically. We did another full body scan to compare it to the baseline we did last September. We still don’t know what the future will bring, but for now we are seeing symmetrical growth.

Whole body low dose xray.

One thought on “Success, and more Success

  1. Juleen Clift

    I am so happy that your most recent exam shows that your legs are growing symmetrically!!!
    What a blessing. We will continue to pray for you Eli.


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