As Eli continues with his chemo regimen, he is managing to enjoy his summer. His doctor approved of Eli swimming, with certain limitations, but lifted the time limit in the water once Eli’s incision had healed more. In fact, the incision scab looks like it is finally gone. While the foot itself is still tender, the skin is mostly healed.

Eli’s walking skills continue to improve. He even walked in the Lehi City parade, the full route–twice (Friday night and Saturday morning).

Eli as Aang walking in the Lehi City Roundup Parade

When you are 11 and bald, what better costume can you wear than that of Aang (ask my kids about Avatar, because I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes, and that was after I had sewn the Aang costume). It turns out that my superpowers are multifaceted.

In addition to my administrative superpowers, enabling me to catch medical mistakes and juggle all the treatment related stuff, in addition to health and care of the other members of our large family, I also have powers similar to Edna (The Incredibles). This means that if my kids need a superhero disguise, I can make it happen. Valerie has discovered that she haa similar superpowers and helped me create Eli’s Aang disguise. She found the fabric in my stash and helped see and press parts of his costume. She also has the artistic skills to complete the costume with glow in the dark blue arrows on Eli’s head and hands. It took us two days to complete the disguise.

Ella (Cinderella–dress sewn by Elaine) and Valerie (Rapunzel–dress sewn by Valerie)

One thought on “Avatar

  1. Juleen Clift

    What talented ladies you are!!! Eli looks great in his costume as do Ella and Valerie!!!

    Great to hear about some of the many talents in the Augustine family.


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