Eli is now an expert in taking Irinotecan. He didn’t have to retake the first dose since it had been over 30 minutes from when he took it to when he first threw up.

The rest of the doses last week stayed down. 😀 However, I am so tired of this particular med that I finally emailed the manufacturer begging them to make a pill of some sort so that no other person capable of swallowing a pill has to take the oral liquid. I got a quick response from a kind woman at Athenex who is a survivor of breast cancer. She let us know that there is a Phase 1 study underway now testing the safety and effectiveness of Irinotecan in tablet/capaule form (they are calling it Oratecan). Thank you, Athenex!

Some swag that came in the care package from Athenex

Eli took his last dose of this round all at once, instead of splitting the dose for extra dilution.

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