Crash and Burn (part 2) or Rising from the Ashes

Eli opted for Irinotecan in cranberry juice. After consulting with the pharmacist, I prepared the supplies, but forgot put on gloves until I was in the middle of adding half of the syringe of medication into 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of the juice, but I pressed forward. While swirling the contents to try and mix the med/juice solution, I spilled. It got on my hand and the exam table. I quickly rinsed my hand and, with help, poured the spilled contents back into the dosing cup, added a little more meds and juice, then presented it to Eli for consumption.

After a couple minutes of deep breathing and mental preparation, Eli downed the contents, chased it with some Powerade, and gave a big grin. He had taken the vile stuff and it was not as bad as it was straight, so we opted for the plan that doesn’t involve the NG tube.

I prepared the rest of the dose, like I did the first half, except with gloves and a proper stirring stick this time. A few more deep breaths and a few more minutes of mental preparation, and Eli drank the rest.

There was a lot of celebrating going on at the clinic. It was a relief to forgo the NG tube and just drink the stuff down. Easy Peasy…until it’s not.

30-45 minutes later, on the drive home, I heard Eli throwing up. I handed him the bag I had on hand for just this type of event and wished Eli had told me that he was nauseated so I could have given him the bag sooner, or pulled over, or…something…anything…other than listen to the contents of his stomach emptying all over the van. 22 minutes left to get home.

We got home, I cleaned up the mess (almost none had made it into the bag, but most was on plastic van parts rather than fabric ones–good aim Eli!), I cleaned up Tabitha’s mess, then dinner came. A dear neighbor had volunteered to make dinner for us tonight and I was never more grateful to accept the help (have I bragged about my wonderful neighbors yet?).

I hadn’t eaten all day, so I grabbed some food and hid in my room. I called the doctor at this point to find out how to deal with the meds that had come up. Did I mention that I requested an extra dose just in case? Maybe my superpowers aren’t gone after all, just a little fickle. When Adam came home, I made him eat, then sent him for the other meds whose refill I called in this morning. Now, I am just trying to relax from a stressful day.

Eli was feeling so successful as we left the hospital clinic

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