Stitch removal & Simulation

Earlier this week Eli’s stitches were removed from his foot. Eli’s chemo was scheduled to start up again today, but the surgeon wanted a little more time for his foot to heal before resuming chemo, so the chemo was rescheduled. I got to use my awesome administrative superpowers to rearrange all of the care for the other kids, since the chemo treatment will be an overnight one.

Today we still got to come up for radiation simulation (dry run, no radiation involved). Radiation treatments will commence on the same day as chemo. One of the chemo meds in his next treatment is too toxic to do during radiation, so they time radiation and chemo so that he only gets that med at the beginning and ending of radiation treatments. This particular chemo med is only administered every 6 weeks and radiation treatments will last about six weeks, so it all works out.

One thought on “Stitch removal & Simulation

  1. Dan Clift

    Hi Elijah and family, I always enjoy reading about your progress. You are braver that I could ever be! I am looking forward to visiting you and the family next week. With love, Grandma Clift


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