Who saw the doctor the most last week?

Usually Eli sees the doctor the most, any given week, although it’s usually only once or twice. Last week, he saw the radiologist, then had an MRI on a separate visit, so score 2 for Eli.

I followed up with the doctor for the latest tendonitis incident, then went to physical therapy twice, so score 3 for Mom. However, if you give me half credit for the well child checkup to which I took Elizabeth, and Eli to both of his appointments, then score 4.5 for Mom (I think I should get more credit than that, but who really wants to spend that much time waiting for all of those appointments).

Can’t I just sit on the scale?
I’m as tall as I need to be.
Huh, I’m just trying to read my “gook”, but you take away my clothes and put crazy things on my finger. What’s next?
Eli and I getting a selfie in at the radiation center’s CT
Eli got to get on the MRI bed in the hallway since bad things happen when you take a wheelchair in the MRI room (think Magneto)

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