Planning for Surgery

We met with Eli’s surgeon yesterday to discuss the foot tumor resection. He showed us scans from November

And one from a couple weeks ago:

The white blob between the 4th & 5th metatarsals is the tumor. Chemo has done a good job of shrinking it. Yay!

The surgeon will remove what’s left of it through the side of the foot. He’ll also remove some of the bone adjacent to the tumor.

Eli will be in a wheelchair or crutches for the next 6 or more weeks and won’t be allowed to bear weight on that foot during that time.

The oncologists are eager to resume chemo and begin radiation as soon as the surgeon okays it–about 1-3 weeks after surgery, depending on which doctor we talk to.

Time to get kids to pick up all the toys and stuff so Eli can still get around.

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