The Joys of Radiation

Today we got to meet the radiation oncologist. I just don’t know what else to say. It’s a necessary part of Eli’s treatment which we’ll start later in January and it will continue for about 5-6 weeks. Every weekday, except holidays. That will be thrilling-oh joy of commuting to Salt Lake City every day.

The upsides: it doesn’t hurt, each session is relatively short, Eli won’t have to have as high a dose as other cancers require, ummm…yeah, that’s about it.

The downsides: During treatment: his skin will get a sunburn, some fatigue, maybe swelling; Long term: the growth in his leg will be stunted-probably significantly (possible future surgeries), greater susceptibility to breaking, stiff joints, tattoos (Eli was most upset about the tattoos). The tattoos are used to ensure more precise position.

After meeting with the radiation oncologist, I had Adam drop us off at the other hospital for Eli’s clinic appointment. Eli prepared a note for the pathologists in advance to send with his blood to pathology. He also included a small bag of goldfish crackers. This is what pathology sent in return:

Because I didn’t take a separate car, Eli and I took public transportation back home.

We managed to make our connection and my friend picked us up from the station 😁

One thought on “The Joys of Radiation

  1. Lisa Joner

    He is so sweet to have given a treat and a note to the pathologist! Tell Eli that the tattoos will hardly be noticeable to him, particularly over time! ❤ to you all.

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