Life 1, Mom 29, Adam 3 or 32

Saturday was the one month anniversary of the official diagnosis of alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Eli started chemo treatments November 2nd, so I’ve been doing all the things I’m supposed to do to give Eli a fighting chance. I give myself a point for every day I gave him his meds, checked his temperature, took him to clinic, scans, or inpatient treatment, called the care coordinator, emailed the social worker, talked to the doctor or called the pharmacy, insurance or hospital. Adam gets a lot of credit, too, since he has been very engaged in the process. He even took care of everything for a weekend so I could visit my family. Elaine 29, Adam 3 (for weekend) or 32 (for the weekend plus the other 29 days).

That being said, I overdid the sewing this past weekend. Life gets a score of 1 for my tendonitis.

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