Eli 5, Rhabdo 1

Don’t let his smile fool you. Eli is holding a syringe to dispense oral meds, which is how he took last week’s chemo. He hates liquid oral meds, so we practiced with orange juice, so he could figure out the best way to take the very bitter chemo with as little tasting as possible. It took anywhere from 30-90 minutes each day to convince him to just do it.

Monday and Tuesday, Eli won the battle. Eli 2, Rhabdo 0. Wednesday, Eli took his chemo, then it came back up. Eli 2, Rhabdo 1. Thursday and Friday, Eli took and kept the chemo meds down. Eli 4, Rhabdo 1. Saturday was another dose to make up for the one he threw up. Eli 5, Rhabdo 0 (I figure once all doses stayed down, Eli gets even with Rhabdo, and steals the point back 🙂

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