Last post Eli had been exposed to Covid-19 at the hospital while there for surgery. A couple days later we found out that his sister tested positive for Covid-19, so he was exposed at home. If she had more of a social life, it wouldn’t have been a surprise, but she only goes to work, church, and a religion class.

The short version is that we had a very quiet couple of weeks, including Thanksgiving, and nobody contracted Covid from Valerie, who had a very mild case and never really felt sick.

Today, Eli was scheduled to have his third chemo infusion of the current regimen. Unfortunately, his ANC (absolute neutrafil count) was 0, which means his immune system is not working properly, especially the ability to fight off infections. He also has a couple mouth sores that are bothering him. The doctor decided it would be best to skip this week’s chemo, so we went home.

This evening, Valerie commented that he felt warm, so we took Eli’s temperature and it was higher than it should be. I continued to monitor his temperature and it continued to rise, so I called the on call oncologist and was told to bring him into the emergency department. That’s where we are now. They are administering antibiotics and monitoring his well being.

5 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Lisa McConchie Lawson

    I’m grateful to have found one my little ballerinas from a long time ago ballet class at my house. Elaine it’s been wonderful to read about family struggles and strength. It’s great to see others example dealing with what we go through in life.

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