Making counts, continued…

Eli made counts today and is now receiving the first infusion in his last cycle of chemotherapy. Yay!

March 9th will be the official end of treatment appointment. By then, he’ll have had the next set of scans. At that point, assuming scans are clear, he will continue to have scans every few months, diminishing in frequency over the next five years. Time to celebrate again.

Yesterday, when we were supposed to come to clinic, the weather was non-cooperative, so we postponed until today. Dr. Schneller helped Eli send video messages to Dr. C (out on maternity leave) and Dr. Schneller’s boyfriend David (Eli’s pen pal). Dr. Schneller isn’t usually in clinic on Tuesdays, but she made a point of coming so she could see Eli.

We also got to visit with Dr. Fair, who was the only sarcoma specialist here until Dr. Schneller was hired. We love them both and are grateful to have two excellent sarcoma specialists.

As treatment is coming to an end, it is nice to see the various doctors, nurses, and staff with whom we have become familiar with during the last 16 months.