Noah the Boss

Eli’s brother Noah, of the infamous Thyroglossal Duct Cyst, is now in surgery to have it removed. That cute Adam’s apple style lump will be no more.

Here I am with Noah in pre-op. It was a long wait. His surgery was scheduled for late afternoon and got started late, as I expected because what surgery happens on time that late in the day?

I got to write Noah’s initials on his soon to be removed cyst.

While waiting, we stopped by the Ronald McDonald room in the hospital (the perks of being frequent customers of the hospital, thanks Eli!). We relaxed for a bit, then got to eat early when I mentioned that we had to get back to the surgery waiting room at same time dinner was being served.

Groups sign up to prepare and serve meals to the families of patients here. Eli and I ate lunch courtesy of volunteers last week when we had time to kill after his chemo while waiting for the time to pick my mom up from the airport. I have eaten many meals there and am particularly grateful tonight for those who served us.

Now we wait in the surgery waiting room. My first memory of this place was last October 30th. This is where we were when the doctor called to confirm that Eli had cancer. It has been quite the journey.

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