On Fire

Somehow we ended up with an extra early appointment today, so we had to leave a little after 6am. For whatever reason, I tend to forget to put numbing cream on Eli’s port before we leave for his chemo treatment, but usually he reminds me. Today, though, I remembered. After I was ready to go, I woke him up and told him I would put his cream on. He was amazed that I remembered. Then I said that I also remembered his Septra, a med he only takes two days a week. Eli said, “You’re on fire with my meds today!” Yep–mind blown, right?

I also remembered to email the social worker to request an extension for the accessible parking permit. A week ago, Eli started the transition out of his boot, but he overdid things after we got home from the hospital, so he’s had a bit of a setback with that, hopefully short lived. I just need to remember to make sure he’s set up with physical therapy.

Eli couldn’t find his shoe this morning and remarked, “I think it’s in my room, so it’s worse than lost”. My omniscient superpowers kicked in, and I found his shoe in the living room under the furniture. I really am on fire today. Just wait, I’ll crash and burn this afternoon in exhaustion, since I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

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