Left foot, left foot, left foot right

I’ve been feeling worn out the last couple weeks, so I’m behind on some of the goings on in Eli’s treatment. The week of March 4th, Eli got to see doctors from each aspect of his treatment.

Monday we met with his oncologist and had chemotherapy.

Tuesday, he had his long awaited appointment with the surgeon to determine whether Eli’s foot was ready for weight bearing. Good news, he can bear weight on his foot and is now relearning to walk. The surgery incision is sort of healing. Chemo and radiation make healing difficult.

Wednesday we met with the radiation oncologist where Eli asked lots of questions in an ongoing attempt to stump the doctor or to satisfy Eli’s curiosity.

The rest of the week was a typical radiation week, up to Huntsman every day, reddening skin behind his knee and in the inguinal area.

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