The good, the bad, and the meeting?

Today was treatment day and, since I was out of town for the last treatment, I had lots of questions about his MRI reports, paperwork for a study he’ll be in, and his future radiation treatments, among other things.

The good:

Eli’s WBC count was up since last time, yay! His platelets were closer to normal, yay!

The bad:

I was concerned about one of the findings regarding one of the tumors in his foot (he has about a half dozen tumors from foot to hip). So I asked the big question, is his cancer still stage 3, intermediate risk? No, it is actually stage 4, high risk.

The meeting:

Apparently, the team of doctors discussed Eli’s cancer in a meeting, where it was decided that the spread of the tumors beyond the lymph nodes at the knee to the thigh and lymph nodes in the groin means that the cancer has metastasized. Now, if they could have another meeting and decide that he doesn’t really have cancer after all. 🤔

By the way, everyone loved the hat. People in the halls and the clinic complemented Eli on his hat. I got the impression that fur hats are a unique choice. 😁

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