Picture perfect

With the developing bald spots, I decided yesterday morning to reschedule the photo shoot I had planned. My friend was going to trim Eli’s hair this weekend, but that was looking like it wouldn’t be soon enough. So, I trimmed it myself and scheduled the photo shoot for 1pm in the afternoon.

It looks like a bad haircut, but I blame it on the developing bald spot in the front. I was still very happy with all the pictures. I got photos of all the kids, except oldest brother who is in Japan, too.

People have asked about the sword. It is just a sword he got at a renaissance faire, but he brought it to the hospital with him for his first chemo treatment, so it has become a symbol in my mind of his fight with cancer. Eli just thinks it’s cool.

Later yesterday after photos:

This afternoon:

This evening:

This evening after a shower & styling by Dad:

We will probably buzz it tomorrow.

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