It’s that time again. Time to see what’s going on with the cancer in Eli’s body. Since I can feel Eli’s thigh tumor, and a couple of the tumors we radiated in September, without scans I could tell that radiation did a good job of shrinking the foot and arm tumors. The thigh tumor, which we used to monitor how Regorafenib is doing, can still be felt, but feels smaller than it did prior to starting the medication in early August.

Our obligatory picture in the window. The larger window was obstructed by equipment, so Eli had to squeeze into the narrow one.

We started off yesterday with the MRI. Yes, the 3 hour one. Our regular imaging person communicated with us ahead of time to make sure we had enough time on their schedule, since she knows that has been a problem in the past (it’s nice to have our various health care team members trained). She also was kind enough to negotiate with Eli the timing of the IV, which he wanted to minimize the time spent with ot in his arm.

Jeannette and Eli

The MRI report confirmed that the tumors all shrank or disappeared since the beginning of August. The thigh tumor is still larger than I like, but it is smaller. I would really like that one radiated at some point, depending on how things go. Anyway, so far so good.

We’re now waiting for the PET/CT. I will update this post when we have results.

PET/CT time

Update: PET/CT Results

The PET/CT mostly confirmed the MRI results, but picked up a tumor that had formed on the left femoral head that they hadn’t noticed on the MRI. So they went back and added an addendum to the MRI report reflecting the new tumor.

How does this affect treatment? I don’t know. We meet with the doctors today to discuss.

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  1. lloyd and Rochelle augustine

    Shaunie “fixed” my email so I automatically get the blogs now! I can keep up much better! Technology is tremendous–if you know what you are doing!!! Thanks for the updates, Elaine!!!

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