Scan week

Waiting to be called back for the PET/CT

Looks like it will be a longer than usual PET/CT day. We came an hour early for port access and labs (I would have done the access at home, but he needed labs, so I opted to do it under supervision at the clinic instead).

Quick fist bump to celebrate with the nurses that Eli’s done with chemo.

Now we are in the imaging waiting room, where we’ve been for almost 45 minutes (we were 15 minutes early). Usually the PET/CT people are quick to get us back there and drinking contrast (Eli dislikes the stuff), except for once when they had a child before us that required sedation. The fact that we are still waiting almost 30 minutes past his appointment time tells me they are very busy or running behind.

We finally got called back and I realized I forgot to give Eli Zofran before we came, so I am coming up with schemes to get some for him. We’ll see if they work.

Success! I managed to pilfer a Zofran from the clinic.

To be continued…

PET/CT results:

“No pathologic uptake to suggest recurrent disease.”

Also, he didn’t throw up during the test (thanks to the pilfered Zofran). We had a nice snack in the Ronald McDonald room before going home.

Check back Saturday, March 7th for MRI results.

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