Adventures of Noah

Back in, now, familiar surroundings, I am with Eli’s brother Noah instead of Eli. This is where Eli’s MRIs tend to get scheduled, but never for the full 3 hours that are needed. Happily, Noah’s ultrasound and chest xray aren’t nearly so involved.

We just finished the next ultrasound, which confirmed that the neck lump is a Thyroglossal Duct Cyst (I called it 😊). Next up is a chest xray for his chronic cough, which led us to look at the neck lump to begin with.

Hopefully we’ll get a clean bill of lung health. I expect to hear from the doctor soon.

One thought on “Adventures of Noah

  1. Juleen Clift

    Hi Elaine and Family,

    Thanks for sharing. I will put Noah’s name on the prayer roll when I go this afternoon. I love you and pray for all you.



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