Long day

Yes, this is the second post of the day and we are still at the hospital, waiting for the last scan (this was written about 7pm). A clear scan of Eli’s foot will make today’s happiness complete (of course we won’t have the report today, so I’ll assume that no tumor is left in his foot). The burning question on your mind must be something like this: “If you and Adam have been at the hospital all day with Eli, what have the other children been doing?” That is a very good question.

As it turns out, none of our children had their normal activities or classes today, since it was the last day of Christmas break, and our oldest daughter wasn’t scheduled to work. So, we assigned the two oldest girls to watch the two youngest girls and told our older son to keep the peace between the two other boys. Our church arranged for our neighbor to feed and entertain the younger half of the kids this evening.

“How did it go?” You might ask.

Well, the older girls played dress up with the younger girls.

As it turns out, our youngest son did the entertaining at the neighbor’s.

Hopefully our house will still be standing when we get home.

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