Bright Ending to a Miserable 2020

I’ve already written about Eli’s inpatient stay the beginning of December, but what I didn’t mention was what we were doing that week at our house. We were moving out of our home of the last 15 years. Here’s the story:

Home Makeover

A big thank you to Lexi and Parker of Uplift Mission, Jackie and Paul, and all the amazing volunteers and businesses who came together to create an unforgettable Christmas. ❤❤❤

6 thoughts on “Bright Ending to a Miserable 2020

  1. lloyd and Rochelle augustine

    It looks even better “in person!” They did a fantastic job. You just can’t imagine how well everything flows–the colors are beautiful, the work is superb!!!! It is amazingly organized!

    Mom A/GmA

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